naturally Kasim 

"How Sweet when Purity & Organics Meet!"

Here at Naturally Kasim, we offer convenience and customer product knowledge

through an array of personalized services to meet your individual need(s). 

All organic products are hand-made and are made to order

with use of proper refrigeration for excess storage.


All homemade organic orders require 24hr advance request,

and MOST require refrigeration (cheesecakes but NOT cookies).

No additional preservatives or additives are incorporated

into the finished products of Naturally Kasim.

To ensure maximized freshness for unused portions,

organic beverage blends can be frozen overnight and

removed promptly the next day to thaw at room temperature.


All packaging, (including items shipped)

consist of reusable BPA free and lead-free material-

which can be frozen for an extended period of time to enjoy at a later date.

(Homemade organic cookies are made to order & have guaranteed freshness dates of 3-5 days;

frozen organic drinks bottled in lead free containers with BPA-free closing lids

have life expectancy of approximately 1 week; freshly made beverage shelf life

is 1-2 days max in fridge, refrigerate after opening).